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The pattern of IPC modules in China after the "4.22" event (4)

Tianshitong: "if we fight price war, I have the most advantage"

Wen Xinfeng said frankly: "tianshitong has a lot of convergence in the market, because after all, it does not have the desire to make its own brand, not so snobbish, just do what it should do."

In the 11 years since its establishment, tianshitong has not advertised in any media or held a new product launch conference in a big way. In wenxinfeng's view, this circle is not big, and the company is only doing business in Guangdong Province until now, there is no agent in the middle, "I just need to do one thing well. There are more than 4000 video surveillance manufacturers in Guangdong Province, and many "desert areas" need to be developed. If tianshitong also makes the whole machine, there are not many more and many fewer enterprises. However, it's very difficult for more than ten salesmen of tianshitong to serve more than 4000 enterprises well. "

Wenxinfeng's three families are equally divided into one in the world. "But if the other two take their own whole machine business into account, it's a different matter."

Tianshitong, the first company to set foot in IPC module, gained rapid growth in 2010 and broke out in 2013, but was soon overtaken by xiongmai. "Today, the development of IPC module field is not product competition, but strategic competition. Xiongmai takes products as the leading role and drives the supply chain. The way of the module is quite different from that of the product. It will bring historical problems to the rapid growth of the business with the method of making the whole machine. It is also very difficult to balance the interests between them, just like being both a referee and an athlete. "

"No one can do anything different on the platform of Hass," Wen Xinfeng said. "DSP has the final say in the differentiation, and the module manufacturers are not the people. The only thing we can do is to check the quality and service. "

In Hisilicon's product line, the introduction of tianshitong was late, which was interpreted as the wrong control of market trends and the slow transformation of the original Ti R & D team. But Wen Xinfeng explained: "when it comes to mastering the pace of IPC module development, tianshitong will always be responsible for its products. Hi3518e can also be launched at the same time, but we need to conduct a full test on the module, including lightning protection, high and low temperature, etc., which can be produced only after completion. We can't wait for customers to find problems and then turn around. Sometimes, slow is fast. Only when children grow up to adulthood can they seek differences. Now they must have different requirements. That is to say, we will have a little more functional interface and do a full function and a basic function. In tianshitong, we prefer to take the product validation cycle a little longer, but we will not do things that damage customers. "

Although the IPC module market from last year's price war to this year's bloody battle, it has been a bloody scene. Wen Xinfeng believes that tianshitong has gained "local advantages" in this competition, and its comprehensive accumulation is longer than that of its competitors. Even so, he said calmly, "in fact, we are just fighting for 15% of the new market every month, and are all fighting for the part of growth." In his view, the current competition is still benign. With the change of time, when the ecological balance is finally formed, people will not fight again. "If Shangwei and tianshitong are killed in the strangulation of the market, there must be another enterprise to compete with them. The rule of the market is always like this. If Hisilicon has only one customer, it is not far away from bankruptcy. "

In the face of the next competition, Wen Xinfeng said: "tianshitong has only now more than 100 employees, more than 600 people in Zhongwei century, and more than 1000 people in xiongmai. On the basis of such specifications, I think it's very satisfying to compare with them. I'm not worried about the real competition. Just fighting the price war, I have more advantages. For 11 years, I only worked on IP, but I didn't make money in the simulation era - I didn't make money anyway, who am I afraid of? "In strategy, Wen Xinfeng joked," I can't die if I want to die now. ". The market competition is too fierce. Sometimes Hisilicon has to give some "blood". This is HSB's Bureau. Hass has the final say. What's more, I still have a lot of cards to play. This year, there will be new cards to play


The conjecture of alliance between tianshitong and Shangwei

In wenxinfeng's view, as long as there is no greed, it is normal that there are one or two module manufacturers in the industry. But the long-term low profit can not support the three companies. Although xiongmai has a great momentum in the IPC module market, and new manufacturers are emerging, "but people who want to unify the" Jianghu "have not been born.".

In the current "triangle situation", will tianshitong and Shangwei, who are temporarily in the back position, join hands? Wen Xinfeng said: "it's not known yet that we haven't talked about strategic cooperation."

Zhao Qiting said: "in 2013, we have always taken skycom as a learning example of IP module. The whole Ti series of products of skycom are well done. However, because of the problem of TI's own scheme, there is no advantage at present. Skycom has made serious strategic mistakes in the selection of Ti and Hisilicon, which will soon be overtaken by us. However, the technology and strength of skycom are worth learning. In a word, the companies that have done Ti plan and have good product sales are worth learning. As for Sunway, it seems that it has just started to do IP, and has never done Ti before. All the technical bases are directly provided by Hisilicon. Therefore, I don't think it is necessary for Skyway to form an alliance with Sunway, and their alliance will not have a great impact on us. "